Send an email to with your story. We prefer an audio recording (mp3, aiff or wav), but if you’d rather write it out, you may send it by email or enclosed within a letter. Please mail the object you’re contributing to Story Store to:

The Story Store

315 W. 70th Street, Apt. 10A

New York, NY 10023

Due to expensive mailing and shipping costs, we request that contributions are not larger than a textbook (and hopefully weigh much less than a textbook).

Some prompts:

What’s your name and where are you from?
How long have you had this item?
Where were you when it came into your possession?

Tell us the story – We want to know why this item means something to you, why you’ve held on to it, and why you’re okay to give it up now.

If you’ll be at True/False Film Fest in Columbia, Missouri, this year, come visit the Story Store in the Box Office (where you pick up your badge, and get your T/F merch). We’ll be there to make trades, record new stories and say hi!